Selling and buying a home has never been this easy

Swaipper speeds up the buying and selling process by bringing out the best in your home with pictures and videos


How does it work?

Login to app, define filters to your search and start swiping. 

You can add your own apartment and buy extra services to make more quicker selling process. 

In Swaipper you can make lists of homes you like and it´s easy to contact the seller via chat and discuss more about the home you fell in love. 

We want to help you to find your dream home with our app and make the process easy. 



Easiness to use

Highlights the photos

Sells more

How does it work?

Start swiping

Chat with seller

Make offer to seller


Swaipper makes you fall in love 

Our app highlights the best sides of your home with pictures and videos. 

Make quick chat or video call with the seller and make deals. 

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